Thursday, August 14, 2014


There are some who think they know me in a personal way.  When they criticize and question my convictions, it proves to me that they do not really know me at all. 

My faith will not be fractured by their unbelief.  Rather, their questions present challenges that strengthen my faith.

They ask how I could possibly still believe in God, after everything I have lost.

These years beside the waters were the happiest of Jim's life.  He loved the wild birds and took many photos of the swans, geese, and the spectacular views of the island, right out his bedroom window.

It was a place of peace and reflection.  His troubled life seemed to be moving in the direction toward lasting contentment.

When we lost this beautiful refuge, we moved away from the water, to a rural town isolated from the world we loved.  Jim's health began to deteriorate, and his depression returned in fury.  It suffocated the joy out of him, and wrapped around him like a boa constrictor.  He was never able to regain the happiness he once experienced.

When I lost my son to suicide, I was angry at God, and even became defiant, demanding answers about His decision to take this young man rather than save him.

Over the past two years, the Lord has given me endurance.  He has taken me to an inexplicable state of peace, the tranquility that transcends all comprehension.

© Angelina Lenahan

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