Friday, July 28, 2017

O God,Teach Us to Number Our Days

Lately I have been thinking about how long I have until the Lord takes me Home.  It is not unusual for those of us who have crossed the threshold of our later years to think on such things.  We as believers should have no sorrow because we believe that  "absent from the body, present with the Lord". 

Now that I am almost 70, I think upon the glory of Christ, the Heavens, and eternal life that awaits me.  

At the evening hour I ask the LORD: 

O God, teach me to cherish every day as if it were my last.  

O God, give me a heart of wisdom and compassion.

O God, give me courage to unashamedly tell people where my hope lies, and where my trust is, and to always be prepared to give an answer how I endure this sorrowful, catastrophic life and still cling dearly to my faith in You.  (AL)

"People are uncomfortable talking or even thinking about death, yet it will happen to each of us at some point. Teaching from Psalm 90, Alistair Begg contrasts our brief lives with God's eternity and reminds us that we die because we rebel against His righteous ways. How can we prepare to meet a holy God? Only by trusting in the provision He has made in Christ. As believers rest in His mercy and grace, we gain wisdom to number our days aright."


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